Faye Walker Memorials

Faye Walker served faithfully on the Board of Trustees of the Morton Community Foundation from July of 2003 to June of 2009.  She always provided important perspective to the discussions of the Board, and was an energetic volunteer on various committees.  Faye was always a huge help with our fundraising events, figuring out theme decor, and personally helping with setup and teardown of the events.  She was extremely generous, always had a smile, and took time to encourage others.  Faye passed away on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 after a 5 year battle with stomach cancer.  During all those years, she never gave up, never complained, and continued to travel the world with her daughter and grandchildren.  She will be greatly missed.

Memorials can be made online by clicking the button below.  Or, you may send a check made out to the Morton Community Foundation to 105 E Jefferson Street, Morton, IL61550.



Every Gift Counts + Every Dream Matters



How we put $41,000 to work in the Morton area.

The Morton Community Foundation's annual Business After Hours Grant Announcement Event was held on Thursday, April 21, at the Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center.  Approximately $41,000 in grants were announced, benefiting local schools, parks, libraries, and charitable organizations.

The Giving Tree Sculpture and Garden

The Giving Tree sculpture, and the surrounding Giving Tree Garden are located adjacent to the Morton Community Foundation (MCF) office at 105 E. Jefferson Street in Morton (corner of 1st and Jefferson streets).  The sculpture was commissioned by 2 local donors so there was no cost to the MCF.  The leaves of the tree are used to recognize donors who had given at least $5,000 over the life of the Foundation.  A leaf was initially added for every qualifying donor, and for each of the approximately 50 different funds held at the MCF.

2016 Grants/Scholarships projected to be at least $173,160...
Total 2003-2016 = just over $2.25 MILLION!!!!

In 2016 we will be giving out $40,150 in grants during the Spring Competitive Grant Cycle.  In addition, we’ll be giving out another $16,850 in scholarships.  Another $97,760 in grants will be given out through our Designated Funds and Donor Advised Funds... and another $18,400 in grant checks will be distributed from our various Agency Funds.  That’s a total of $173,160 in grants for 2016, and that doesn’t count any additional grants we may be asked to give out through Donor Choice Funds and our Pass-Through Fund for the Morton Downtown Plaza.

2016 Grants and Scholarships - Projected $173,160

Boots & Saddles 2_crop.jpg

Fall Fundraiser Event - "BOOTS & BLING!"


Each fall the Morton Community Foundation holds its annual Fall Fundraiser.  The theme each year adds a bit of excitement, fun, and creativity.  Some of the past themes have been:  Glitz, Glam, and All That Jazz; Boots & Saddles; Shake, Rattle, and Roll; and for the past 5 years our theme has been Oktoberfest.  Whatever the theme it's always a lot of fun, celebrating the work of the Foundation, and enjoying friends from our community.  Watch for upcoming information on the 2016 Fall Fundraiser.

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