Chair #16 - Jefferson Street Studio & Gallery

Painted by Owner & Artist
Kelly Scarfe 

Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery, 206 Jefferson Street

Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery, 206 Jefferson Street

Kelly Scarfe, Artist

Kelly was born in Rockford, Illinois and spent her youth in Morton, Illinois. After receiving  her BFA from Southeast Missouri State University she moved between Memphis, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Denver and Salt Lake City until this wanderer found her way back home. She is once again living and making art in her small central Illinois town.  Kelly is the current owner of The Jefferson Street Studio & Gallery in which she purchased from fellow artist Rose Hubbard. She is happy to be a able to continue to  share local fine art with the central Illinois community and call the wonderful artists bungalow her creative home.

Experimenting with abstract and nonrepresentational pieces Kelly is deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By mixing bold color, geometric and organic shapes and textures Kelly hopes to create art that evokes emotion while telling a visually exciting story.

In creating her “Chair for Charity” Kelly’s inspiration was the chair and the memories it evoked. Waves and surf, sunshine and palm trees. Sitting in a chair much like the one she was asked to paint in one of her favorite spots, the beach. Using her love for the abstract she wanted to recall the sun soaked days, weathered wood, blue skies and the movement of the surf on the surface of the chair.