Chair #19 - Kuhl Insurance

Painted by Kari (Kuhl) Zern, Local Artist

Kari (Kuhl) Zern, Artist

Art History:  I would consider myself an art hobbiest.  I do not have an art degree, but I have always enjoyed the arts and the creative process.  As a child in the late 70s I participated in and won the Pumpkin Decorating Contest as well as the window decorating contest.  I also recall spending hours practicing drawing the perfect pumpkin to enter the libraries art contest…. So its not surprising that today at age 51 I am still painting pumpkins!!  

Chair Background: In 2015, I first came up with my collage idea as an art project for my son’s eighth grade class at Blessed Sacrament.  I was teaching art there at the time and I was asked to create and assist the students in making an item to be auctioned at their annual fundraiser.  That origional, student version, was purchased by Gordan and Jean Ann Honegger, and currently is on display at MCB in Morton I believe.  I don’t recall exactly how much money was raised, but it was a lot more than I ever thought.

After getting such positive reaction to the piece, in 2016 I decided to create my own version on “What We Love About Morton” so that I could reproduce it.  This original is a whimsical mixed-media piece, made with paper and paints.  Much of the inspiration came from my childhood memories of our town, as well as, current local favorites.  After it was completed, local photographer, Tammy Martin, assisted me in taking a photo of my image so that I could reproduce it into prints, etc.

So, the chair has a version of my original collage, plus some added details to better fit the chair.  Two new additions were the pile of pumpkins which represents how Libby’s used to create a mountain of the pumpkins outside their building years ago.  I also added my home church Blessed Sacrament with its unique circular architecture, as well as, a hidden pumpkin pin.  I chose black as the background, to keep the chair’s look similar to my canvas.  I feel like this also serves to pop the collage details best.  Epoxy was used to cover the collage parts of the chair for protection.  

The chair is recommended for indoor or sun protected outdoor use, although it does have a UV varnish applied.