Chair #21 - Lettie Brown Elementary School 

Painted by Sondra Dole, Artist

Sondra Dole, Artist

Sondra Dole is a long time craft and hobby artist. Her interests range from sewing and quilting, jewelry making, graphic design, and painting with acrylics, to just about anything she is inspired to try. Sondra and her husband Joe lived in Morton for 14 years and have resided in Groveland for the past 10 years. They have three grown sons and 2 grandchildren. Sondra is the building technologist at Lettie Brown Elementary, and has worked there for 17 years. She produces the monthly Brown newsletter and has painted and created numerous things for and around the school. 

The design for this chair was inspired by two things-a love of the beach and sitting on the front porch of their home in Groveland enjoying the happenings in the neighborhood. She wanted something that would encourage others to sit back and relax for a short while in our busy world.