Chair #21 - Morton Orchestra 

By Leah Getz, Local Artist

Leah Getz, Artist

Leah Getz, Artist

Ever since Leah was old enough to hold a crayon or play a note on the piano, she has been creating. Leah is an artist at heart. In order to focus on a speaker, she has to be drawing. To truly appreciate an experience, she writes a rhyme or song. Over the years Leah has covered the driveway with chalk-art, painted old guitars, detailed all of her instrument cases, decorated cupcakes, doodled on countless notebook pages, etc. . . . .

In high school, Leah took several art classes which helped define her craft. Although composing and performing music are her main passion, drawing / painting will always be her way to focus and relax. For Leah, the best part of creating art is gifting it to others. So, this opportunity to paint a chair was an enjoyable project. She painted the chair on the porch as she watched the sunsets. Hopefully someone can sit in this chair and do likewise!

Below are some examples of Leah’s artwork…