The RHMA C.J. Rediger Endowment Fund

C.J. Rediger and his wife Myrtle

C.J. Rediger and his wife Myrtle

This Agency Endowment Fund was started in June of 2018 by RHMA. The purpose of this fund is to help RHMA church plants with start-up costs, and other RHMA churches that are in building or remodeling programs or have other special needs. This will be done through grants disbursed by RHMA’s Board of Directors.
C.J. Rediger

C.J. Rediger

C.J. Rediger founded RHMA in 1942 with a God-given vision: Every community should have a vibrant Bible-teaching, gospel-proclaiming church. Since its founding, RHMA church planters and pastors have put feet to this vision in small towns all across the U.S. This ministry which is nationwide in scope has from its beginning been headquartered in Morton, Illinois.

As RHMA churches are in the process of being established, often its members arrive at what seems like an impossible place. Those who are a part of the church’s early days, usually few in number, have given and given...and then given some more. And yet, it’s not enough. In some situations, it’s a plethora of start-up expenses during the early days of church planting. In others, the need for a building becomes quite acute. How can these early attenders, who are already giving so much, find more to give?

It seems impossible.  

But then, others from outside the local body of believers enter the picture. They want to help. What once seemed impossible suddenly seems quite possible!

Encouraged by the generosity of these outside believers, folks in the church dig even deeper in their pockets. When all is said and done, the need is met. Scenarios like this have happened in communities across the country.

The Rediger Fund makes what once seemed impossible look quite possible. Your gift just might be God’s way of making the impossible happen.

Launching the Rediger Fund has proven to be a significant means for helping to fulfill C.J. Rediger’s vision. It is also a means of honoring this man who had an unparalleled heart and commitment for America’s small towns.

Does it really make that much of a difference? Congregations in Nebraska and Illinois say “Yes!”

“In the midst of constructing our church building, we ran out of money. Then, we received a grant from the Rediger Fund. Not only did this propel our project forward, but something unexpected happened. The congregation was so encouraged that they began to give above and beyond what anyone could fathom. Within a couple of weeks, the amount received from the Rediger Fund grant had been more than matched by our congregation. God multiplied…and the project continued on to completion.”

“For 10 years our church wanted to do some remodeling to facilitate outreach ministry. Attenders generously donated, but it still wasn’t enough. Then, we received a gift through the Rediger Fund. We now have a beautifully updated facility. But more than this, our congregation is convinced that God is with us and active in our church and community. We press on encouraged and overwhelmed by His provision.”

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this endowment fund, please click the button below for online donations. Or, you can mail a check to 105 E. Jefferson Street, Morton, IL 61550.  Please make the check payable to "Morton Community Foundation."  In the memo line, write, "RHMA C.J. Rediger Fund."