Chair #4 - Heather & Christian Ritchie

Local Artists

Christian (L), and Heather (R) Ritchie, of Team Ritchie

Christian (L), and Heather (R) Ritchie, of Team Ritchie

The theme of the chair: Old Timey Morton Platt Maps

1891 & 1910 Tazewell County Platt (plot) map books provided by Mary Lynn at the Morton Public Library, were the inspiration for our chair. Mrs. Lynn, the Library's Historian, heartily encouraged us to use them. The chair features the downtown area on the back slats, with the surrounding rural plots covering the slats on the seat. A fun, old timey hand points to the downtown area, reminding you where you are. Many street names have changed from those on the maps, but the layout is still original. On both maps, many founding Morton family names can be discovered.  

Thanks to Miller Paint Shop for donating the timeless pumpkin orange paint and water-based urethane clear coat that will protect the chair and its printed maps indoors.

The map artwork was created by Heather, printed with a Canon inkjet printer, and trimmed and assembled by Christian.

Following are two possible stories about how Team Ritchie came to designing a chair for the Chair-ity Auction:

1)  The inception of Team Ritchie came about in 1994, when Christian and Heather met in Drawing 101 at SIU Carbondale while they were still teenagers. Despite their college shenanigans and all-nighters to finish projects, they graduated with matching degrees from the College of Art and Design in 1998. After college they decided to give Team Ritchie permanence and married in May of 1999. Their careers took off in Southern California where they forged ahead in media publication and Barbie design, respectively. After some years, tarnish fell on the glamorous life of sunshine and ocean spray in Los Angeles and they decided to return to central Illinois. Their new career paths involved earth-moving equipment, meat packaging/marketing and team expansion as their family grew. 

Together they have worked on an assortment of projects including photography, T-shirts, graphic designs of all sorts, school projects, Halloween costumes, birthday parties, macarons and now, adirondack chairs. They try to foster an environment of love, faith and creativity in the home, as well. When they are not busy with new projects, they love to spend their time cooking, eating, watching Jeopardy!, traveling and going on adventures with their two children, Stella and Iris.


2)  Christian and Heather Ritchie have been friends with Scott Witzig for years, and he asked them to decorate a chair, so they did.